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Installation tip: PICOLAY is a portable app and can be installed to any folder, USB stick etc. Installation to the standard "Program files" folder is not recommended as it might cause problems if you don't have administrator rights. Just copy the file "picolay.exe" to any folder close to your image files.

Is this download save? Some virus protector software regards this download an a risk, as this site does not have the wide distribution to get a good reputation score. You might be forced to set an exception to your virus protector, or you can alternatively download PICOLAY from other sites (e.g. chip.de, heise.de, computerbild.de or freeware.de). But here you get the newest version.

Please check PICOLAY's Official Channel (English and German)

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Tutorial #2: Focus stacking parameters Tutorial: Farb-Stacking in der Mikroskopie
Tutorial #1: Focus stacking of a diatom Tutorial: Eine Rose aus dem Garten
3D Video: "Common little things ..." PICOLAY installieren...

Download current PICOLAY (Version: 2023-01-27)

Disclaimer. By downloading this software you declare that you have noticed that this software is provided 'as is', without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

  • PICOLAY Installer (64 bit, including help- and demo files, 10 MB)
  • PICOLAY.zip (64 bit, without installer, help- and demo files, 2 MB)
  • PICOLAY32.zip (32 bit, without installer, help- and demo files, 2 MB)

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