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PICOLAY   - examples

-> Presentation (pdf) given at the IME meeting in Emden (18.9.2010)

-> Videoclip (wmv format) of full rotation of the diatom Actinoptychus.

A demonstration of the 3-D visualisation capacities of PICOLAY

Stereo animation for cyan-red goggles, based on a single stack taken from a constant perspective (courtesy of Eberhard Raap). The radiolaria is rotated by 15 around the z-axis. The animation shows 3-D projections with viewing angles from -30 to +30 around the y-axis.

A z-stack of pictures of the diatom Biddulphia, the stacked image and a series of three-dimensional projections generated by means of PICOLAY.

This video (2.6 MB) shows in real-time (!) how 83 images of a diatom are stacked with three different methods within 30 seconds. First the darkest pixels are selected, secondly the methods 'weighted average of sharp pixels' is applied, and finally, combining of sharp areas is performed.

Phase contrast: Regular distribution of bacteria on a tiny droplet

A tick at low magnification

How to look at stereo images

Lichen at low magnification

Download the images used in the tutorial


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