Short reference (English) | Kurzreferenz (Deutsch)

Set stacking parameters

  • Minimum contrast (0..30)
    Minimum contrast suppresses noise.
  • Narrow or widen patches
    Enlarges (+) oder downsizes (-) the patches, originating from usage of minimum contrast > 0. This can help to improve transitions in the resulting image.
  • Filter: Smart or 1 - 10
    Defines the filter used for the detection of structures. Smart = flexible depending on the details in different image areas. One can alse set the filter to a fixed value between 1 (fine, high-pass) and 10 (coarse, low-pass)
  • Prefer bottom or top frames (%)
    Gives structures in close-to-bottom (-) or close-to-top (+) images in the stack a higher value.
  • Auto-align images
    Aligns images prior to the stacking procedure and harmonises the size. This routine should be used for stacks taken with stereo-loupes and for macrophotographs. Under 'Options' one can also activate correction of rotations in the stack.
  • Auto-enhance
    Causes automatic enhancement of contrast, sharpness and colour saturation.
  • Test 4 param. sets
    Performs stacking with four different parameter sets, in order to find the perfect parameters.