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Image window

[Full/half screen] | Fit to window | [-] | 100% | [+] <-prev. | next-> | Edit | Enhance | [Mouse=] Rectangle

  • [Full/half screen]
    Toggles window size between full and half screen size.
  • [Fit to window]/[100%]
    Resizes image to window size or original resolution = 100%. At values other than 100% the quality displayed is lower than after saving the image with the same size.
  • [-] = Downsize
    Stepwise downsize the image. At values other than 100% the quality displayed is lower than after saving the image with the same size.
  • 100% = Original image resolution
    Displays the image at its original resolution.
  • [+] = Enlarge
    Stepwise enlargement of the image. At values other than 100% the quality displayed is lower than after saving the image with the same size.
  • <- prev. = previous image
    Shows the previous (marked or unmarked) image in the list.
  • next-> = Nächstes Bild
    Shows the next (marked or unmarked) image in the list.

Menue item: Edit

  • Copy to clipboard | Strg+C
    Copies the image or - if a rectangles was selected - a crop of it to the clipboard.
  • Paste | Strg+V
    Pastes the clipboard into the current image.
  • Copy to result window
    Copies the left image to the right a result window.
  • Copy to depth map
    Copies the left image to the right as depth map (to be used for generation of 3D images).
  • Draw into larger frame(s)
    Draws the current image into a larger frame, the dimensions and colour of which are adjustable.
  • Crop selection
    Cuts out the selected frame. Use options (main window) to select fixed Width:height ratios for the rectangle.
  • Crop all marked images.
    Use the cropping function for all marked images in the list at once. Adjust a file format (jpg, gif, bmp, png ...) under Options (main window).

Menue item: Enhance

Opens the Image enhancement window

  Here one can optimse the following image parameters (provided they are checked):
  • Median filter, with Cut = threshold
  • Sharpness
  • Gamma value
  • Brightness
  • Shadows darker [-] or brighter [+]
  • Light contrast = Contrast of bright areas
  • Dark contrast = Contrast of dark areas
  • Colour saturation (0% = B/W image)
  • The Colour channels Red = Rot Green = Grün Blue = Blau can be changed by a fixed amount (Offset) or percent.
  • Rotate image with any angle (in °).
  • Flip = Flip image either horizontally or vertically)
  • Negative = Turn image to negative.
  • Resize image.
  • Histogram = show abundance of R- G-, B-values and brightness in the range of 0 - 255.
  • Test = Tests changes with current parameters wqithout saving anything on disk. RECOMMENDED!
  • Back = Close window without saving.
  • Apply = Save result with new name. (Select file format [jpg, bmp, png...] under Options in main window.)
  • Apply to all marked images, allows to apply changes to many images at once.

Menue item: [Mouse=]

  • Rectangle
    Standard setting; the current mouse position is indicated as well as the x/y extensions of a selected rectangle. Fixed width:height ratios can be selected under Options. A click with the RIGHT mouse button selects a colour from the image (pipette function).
  • Paintbrush
    Opens a new window, which allows setting of brush width and colour. The latter can be changed by a RIGHT mouse click in the image (pipette function). There is a 1-step undo-function (at the upper window frame or by Ctrl-Z).
  • Blur
    Generates a smooth ground with adjustable width of the paintbrush.
  • Sharpen
    Sharpen structures under the paintbrush.
  • Clone to result image
    Copies selected areas from the image window into the result window. This helps to get a perfect stacking result, in case the automatic routine selected other focus levels than you wanted to get. At the same time the focus level used is copied into the depth map. Switch on the synopsis function (on the result image) to see the same fields and resolution on both, image and result window.
  • Clone within image
    Copies selected areas within the image window. This often looks more natural, e.g. for the background, than the result of blurring. In order to define the area to be copied, click first with the RIGHT mouse button into the target area, then with the left mouse button into the source to bec opied.
  • Insert text
    Places at the mouse-click position text with selectable character font, size and colour vertically or horizontally on your image. Test it before applying to one or even all marked images. There is the 1-step undo function as long as you did not save the result.
  • Draw scale bar
    Draws a rectangle, with adjustable size and colour. Unfortunately, you have to calculate the correct size yourself.
  • Draw clipboard on image
    Pastes an image from the clipboard at the mouse position. The undo function allows for testing the correct position before you save it.